Sodalite: Clear the Mind

SODALITE : When the Emotional Mind is Running Amok

Sodalite is one of the awakeners of the third eye which prepares the mind to receive the inner sight and intuitive knowledge.
Sodalite is the densest and the most grounded of the blue stones and elicits deep thought by clearing the mind so that it can function properly. When the mind is calmed and stilled, greater perspective and understanding can be gained.


Sodalite lends to the mind the ability to think rationally and intellectually and come to logical conclusions. This is an extremely good stone for those who tend to be oversensitive and reactive because it stabilizes mental power and allows a person to make the shift from emotional to rational.

Carry Sodalite For a Clear Mind and Thoughts

This is a good stone to carry, hold, meditate with or place upon the third eye area to gain intellectual understanding of one’s self or a situation. When the mind is balanced and a greater knowledge gained, it then becomes possible to have a greater perspective on life.
Sodalite helps clear old mental patterns from the subconscious to make way for conscious thinking. This stone is like the deep dark blue of the night-time sky, when one travels deep within the mind, as in sleep, and returns refreshed with greater understanding and perspective.The white lines and flecks in Sodalite symbolize the spiritual light that comes when one has balanced the mind.

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