Labradorite: The Stone of Magic

Powerful for Lucid Dreaming

For lucid dreaming and journeys to other dimensions, I have found Labradorite to be one of the most powerful and dramatic crystals that can be used.


Begin By Cleansing and Charging

Always start any endeavor by first cleansing and clearing your crystal of any negative energy. My preferred method is to leave it in a bowl of tumbled Hematite overnight, or a bowl of Himalayan pink salt.Then charge your crystal by leaving it on a sunny windowsill (preferably outside) for a few hours, then you are ready to go.

Intent is Key

For connecting with your spirit guides, angels or totem animals (I always advise someone to have a guide to take you to new realms) first hold your crystal in your dominant hand and state your intent of what it is you wish to accomplish. This step is important for any crystal that you choose to work with, otherwise it will lay dormant. (like a remote control – just holding it wont change the channel, you have to push a button to get it to work for you). In this case, by giving it instructions, the energy of the crystal will work with your intent and manifest a result.

For example you might ask it to connect you with your guide and take you to a certain place in time (or another world/dimension) to observe an important event in your life/or retrieve a soul fragment.

Tune to Your Crystal’s Energy

Take a few minutes to really connect with your crystal and feel its energy, then you can either place it under your pillow, hold it in your left hand(or non-dominant) or hold it against your 3rd eye (my favorite) while falling asleep.

If you have never done this before, don’t be dismayed if it doesn’t happen on the first try as it takes a bit of time to tune into your crystal’s energy. Most people I have given a Labradorite crystal to try have gotten results the very first time, so this is the best one to start your dreamwork with.

Write Your Dreams Down

Keep a notepad by the nightstand so you can write down any dreams before they fade upon waking. Remember, dreams are not meant to be translated literally. What may seem strange, is usually a message.Sweet dreams and happy journeys! Please feel free to share your adventures in the comments below.


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